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Video Editing with Camtasia


If you are going to start videography or learn to edit your routine work and life related videos you are at right place. After learning this course you will be able to edit your office activities like video presentations and your lifestyle videos like party or family videos. You will also be able to make video lectures. The targeted topics of this course can be described as:

1. Introduction to video editing.

2. Famous software used in video editing.

3. Basic video editing software.

4. Adding or cutting photo and video scenes in your video.

5. Adding annotations or symbolic signs, arrows, keys in your video.

6.  Applying different transitional effects on your video scenes.

7. Applying different behaviors on your scenes.

8. Voice recording and editing.

9. Applying lower thirds and motion graphics on your video.

10.  Making your video formats and screen recording.

11. Adding animated backgrounds and presets in your video.

12. Sound extraction from a video.

These were the major objectives of this course. I hope that it will inspire your creativeness to turn its attention to be more professional  in this field. I have submitted my best contributions to make you understandable of basic level of video editing.  This course would be a great milestone in your route to be a professional video editor. I am waiting for your response.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners of video Editing.

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