Lean Six Sigma Applications in IT Industry

The goal of the course to bring best practices in the development process and improve the business processes by providing defect-free products. This methodology helps to improve the capability of business handlings & services with high performance and increased profits to the organization. The objective of this course is to provide a good understanding of delivering high-quality products and how to manage the business for sustained improvements. The main strategy of Six Sigma to provide qualitative output by identifying defect causes and eliminating them before it impacts manufacturing. The projects following Six Sigma methodologies will have defined steps with specific target values in sequential order. It also helps us to understand the other benefits of Six Sigma implementation in it. Benefits like increased customer satisfaction, reduced cost, fewer process cycles, etc.

Lean six sigma application in Information technology adapts the lean six sigma methodologies from traditional Japanese origins to modern, dynamic agile-based software development techniques.

What is Six Sigma?

Data is a major part of today’s world, it may be a private organization or government-owned, almost all the decision that is taken today are based on previous data. In this data-driven world, organizations are looking as experts who can read the data understand it and expedite a result.

Tools that help the people to understand the data, improve the performance of the processes, and eliminate the defects and by guaranteeing the quality.

The person who does this Six Sigma Certification Course will be able to do the above work. This involves five key elements i.e. To Define – Problem definition and process definition

  1. To Measure – To measure the current performance
  2. Analyze – Analyzing the process and its root cause analysis.
  3. To Improve – Implementing the better process
  4. To Control – To maintain the implemented process.

So, six sigma is nothing but a set of tools that will be used to improve the process. This process was developed in 1986. Six Sigma emphasizes the removal of errors within the process. This method is used in all organizations like healthcare, IT, manufacturing, etc.

Six Sigma certification has three levels.

  • Yellow belt
  • Green belt
  • Black belt

YELLOW BELT: Basic concepts of six sigma will be taught.

GREEN BELT: Next level of yellow belt. You will be taught how to implement the process efficiently.

BLACK BELT: This level is when you must manage big improvement. It helps in problem-solving. You will have a proper understanding of the Lean six sigma process.

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