An ancient alcoholic beverage from Japan, that not many Westerners are very familiar with. Now its time to change all that! Alcohol from rice? Yep! Ever wondered what is Sake or what does Sake taste like? We’ll cover that and so much more.

Many want to enjoy this beverage and think its only served hot. You couldn’t be more wrong! We’ll teach everything you need to be able to select, serve, taste and even warm your Sake to the ideal correct temperature to be best enjoyed.

This course will teach you:

  • Sake Types and Styles
  • Basic Types – Futsu-shu & Tokutei meisho-shu
  • Junmai-shu
  • Ginjo-shu
  • Daiginjo-shu
  • Honjozo-shu
  • Namazake
  • Other Sake Types
  • How to Taste Sake like an Expert – (and know what you’re tasting)
  • Flavor & Aromas
  • Sake & Food Pairing
  • Recognizing Off Flavors
  • Production
  • How to read a Sake label without reading Japanese!
  • Japan’s Production Regions
  • Sake Brands by Region & Flavors
  • History
  • Japanese Sake terminology


You don’t need to be a Bartender or Mixologist in a Japanese sushi restaurant to be an expert on Sake.

We’ll give you a solid understanding to make the best selection for personal taste preference or to learn how to pair many varieties of Sake with food. You’ll make better choices and be able to differentiate options, without having to personally try everything out there.

Sake is indeed one of the finer things in life… all should enjoy!

Class is in Session. Drink Up!

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