Is Skillshare worth it? – Complete Review

Before we begin our review, we must know about Skillshare:

About Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning site founded in November 2010 by Matthew Cooper in America with aim to provide best tutorials online from various top-level instructors.

Now that we know about Skillshare we should know look for the pros regarding Skillshare before the cons regarding Skillshare and then finally come to a conclusion.

Skillshare Pros

User Friendly

The very first thing that Skillshare is better is User Interface, which is very clean. easy to use, beautiful and convenient at the same time which all together makes the website and the app very user friendly, which is good for majority of user.

Vast Catalogue

Skillshare is not a new e-learning platform rather it is a decade year old and over the years Skillshare has made its catalogue huge with over 25000 classes for various section to already to choose from and this number keep increasing over the time.

Team Based Plans

Another feature of Skillshare is that it provides team-based plans for teams, organization, and business with attractive pricing which is very rare offering in e-learning sites.

Now it’s time Cons of Skillshare

Course Quality

Most of the course a.k.a. class of Skillshare lacks the quality as Skillshare also hires instructor for the making content just like Lynda which we mentioned in our previous blog, which definitely affect the quality and sadly course quality is the one of the most important factors for a e-learning site. However not all course are bad as some courses are good and even best in the specific category among all the e-learning sites.


Skillshare classes are paid and comes with a monthly/yearly subscription with a price tag of $16/month or $96/year and this may look like a steal deal but looking over the course quality its not what you get for the price you pay.


Now that we know all about Skillshare one may think that Skillshare is not worth it and which is even correct for some user but however Skillshare provide a 2 month trial for new membership with complete access to all course which can be even extended by referring friends and this is what make it unique and so every user can check by themselves if Skillshare is right choice for them or not by taking the free 2 months trial membership.

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