Introduction to Construction Management

Construction projects are big, messy, and complex. They are notorious for running over budget and behind schedule. Construction managers have challenging roles. They need to lead a broad group of people to deliver a project successfully. In our Introduction to Construction Management course, we’ll take a look at this exciting industry and challenging role. By the end of this short and practical online course designed to target junior engineers working for general contractors, you will have a thorough understanding of:


  • Construction Management including its definition and importance
  • The parties involved in a construction project
  • The lifecycle of a construction project
  • The Contractor

And the role of the Construction Manager.


As you go through the course, there will be practice activities, quizzes, lectures, and case studies to reinforce your learning. Our goal is to teach you the construction management fundamentals and better equip you with the skills necessary to successfully deliver these complex projects.

Who this course is designed for?

This course is designed for new entrants to the industry looking to get a broad overview of how things are done and the role of the construction manager. If you already have some experience in construction management, the concepts covered in this course may be too basic for you.

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