Interview Essentials

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Skills to land Entry-level to Mid-level jobs


This course provides insights and best practices to help enhance your skills to land an entry-level or mid-level job. Here are some of the topics covered in this course:

  • Interview skills: learn key skills you need to have to do well in an interview.
  • Job application: learn best practices to use when filling out job applications.
  • Resume: learn some quick tips to help you put together a professional resume.
  • Your internet presence: learn how to present yourself online to ensure you don’t scare off potential employers.
  • Dress for success: learn the standards for appropriate attire at an interview.
  • Tips for common types of interviews, such as phone, virtual, or in-person
  • Preparation for the interview: gain insights into how to get ready for the interview.
  • Day before the interview: get helpful tips that will let you know what to do the day before the interview.
  • Day of the interview: know what to do to make a good impression and excel on the big day.
  • During and after the interview: learn what to do while you’re in your interview and shortly afterwards to help give yourself a good chance at success.
  • Examples of common interview questions: view some of the common interview questions that are asked as well as techniques and examples of how to answer several of these questions.
  • Examples of some specific interview questions for these industries and roles:
    • Sales & Business Development
    • Information Technology
    • Medical and health services managers
    • Education
    • Engineering

I’ll be sharing many of the key do’s and don’ts of the interview process to help you excel during your job interview. Whether you’re new to the workforce and haven’t held a job before at all and looking for your first entry-level job or you’ve worked before and are simply looking for a new job this course is ideal to help you prepare for your job interview.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for job seekers looking to obtain entry-level or mid-level jobs and seek to enhance their interview skills.

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