Interview Essentials: Job Interview Techniques That Work

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Basic Interviewing skills to ace your job interview, Job Interview tips, questions and answers from a recruitment expert


Are you looking for a course to help you get that dream job?

Do you want to know insider’s secrets from a recruitment expert?

Or you want to develop interviewing skills so you are ready when opportunities come.

This is a practical course that provides job seekers with

1) end-to-end understanding of the interview process,

2) the right framework of answering common interview questions,

3) effective ways to prepare for both live and recorded video interviews,

4) practical steps to follow to win an in-person job interview, and

5) tips on how to effectively sell yourself and be seen as the best candidate for the role.

My name is Rose, I am a photographer, videographer, online course creator and best selling Udemy instructor. For this course I partnered with Venus Marigmen, an HR professional who has a decade’s worth of experience in recruiting candidates. Aside from being the head of the Human Resources department for a tech company in the US, she also provides HR consulting services with focus on employee hiring and onboarding. She has also conducted hundreds of job interviews throughout her career since 2009. She has recruited for different industries such as BPO, staffing companies, and IT service providers. Having had that vast of experience hiring from entry level positions to executive and middle management, we can say she knows a lot about the topic she will teach us in this course.

Imagine a head recruiter with over 10 years of interviewing experience telling you how to be confident so you stand out in a sea of other equally or more qualified applicants.

Imagine someone from the other side of the interview table sharing with you techniques on how to properly respond to interview questions so you are seen to be the best fit for the role.

Imagine someone who has been writing job ads and screening candidates for these job ads teaching you how a candidate gets chosen (tip: it’s not always the one with the most amount of experience or highest expertise level).

By the end of this course, you will:

  • No longer feel lost about how to respond to your interviewer’s question.
  • You Feel more confident about your ability to get picked for the job
  • You will Know exactly how to package your skills and experience so the interviewer sees you as the right fit for the role
  • You will Know exactly how to respond to interview questions with confidence and conviction
  • You will Gain awareness of yourself and understand how the interviewer will see you
  • You will No longer grasp for words or blurt out incoherent answers to interview questions
  • And you will Get better chances at getting shortlisted and hired for the roles you apply for

As a bonus, we will also share with you 7 secrets recruiters won’t tell you.

We definitely don’t want to waste your money and time so before clicking the Enroll button, let’s go through some signs that this course is not for you:

  • You’re very happy with your current job and you’re not exploring
  • You get offer letters easily from the employers you interview with
  • You are confident during job interviews and you are able to make compelling storylines about your skills and experience
  • You think there’s no need to prepare for job interviews and you can just wing it each time
  • You don’t believe in investing time and money for something that will give you better chances at getting your dream career
  • You don’t need help because you already know how to respond to interview questions appropriately
  • You have a history of impressing almost all of the recruiters or hiring managers you’ve interviewed with
  • You are looking for a very long course that repeats principles over and over again. This is a condensed course packed with practical tips and techniques to get you your dream job 🙂

If you find that at least one of those I mentioned rings true to you, I think you really should consider whether this course is for you. 🙂 However, if none of those resonate with you, you are in the right place!

This course also provides you with cheat sheets, sample interview questions, job interview tips, format to answer the “Tell me about yourself” question and more..

The job interview is a way of selling yourself. This course will teach you how to package yourself so your interviewer sees you as the most valuable applicant on the list. Hit the enroll button now and let’s go get you closer to that elusive job offer!

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