Giveaway Details

Here are complete details with Google form link to register yourself in the giveaway

Steps to do complete in form:

  1. Enter your name
  2. Enter your email id
  3. Put your desired course link
  4. [OPTIONAL] Feedback for the website
  5. Submit form only once, you can always choose to edit form afterwards (before the result date)

NOTE: Currently we are only having giveaway of Udemy course so put your desire course link from Udemy only, links from other site won’t be counted

How to claim giveaway:

  1. Winner will receive email from [email protected]
  2. Email will contain a confirmation for course, and winner have to reply within 48 hour
  3. After confirmation, the course will be sent as a gift to the email used during the registration
  4. Lastly, winner have to click on confirm button on the email which he will receive from Udemy (course will be already paid by Course Time)

This giveaway is completely LEGAL as we present this as gift and all the cost are paid by us to the respective company in advance

Thank you

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