Fundamentals of Business Strategy

Fundamentals of Digital Transformation is a course designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the digital transformation process. The course covers a wide range of topics, including Introduction, Concepts, Business Planning, Building Organization Strategy, Organization Transformation, Strategy Execution & Detailing, Governance and Operating Model, and Reporting & Performance Monitoring.

The introduction covers the basics of digital transformation and how it has been used to drive organizational change.

Section 1: Concepts provides an overview of digital transformation and the key concepts associated with it.

Section 2: Business Planning covers the development of a business plan, the impact of digital transformation on the business model, and the development of a strategy to achieve the desired outcomes.

Section 3: Building Organization Strategy covers the strategies needed to effectively implement digital transformation and the tools and methods used to develop and execute the strategy.

Section 4: Organization Transformation, Strategy Execution & Detailing covers the process of organization transformation, the strategies and tactics used to execute the transformation, and the tools and techniques used to measure success.

Section 5: Governance and Operating Model cover the development of a governance model and operating model that are necessary for successful digital transformation.

Finally, Section 6: Reporting and Performance Monitoring covers the development of reporting and performance monitoring processes and systems that are used to track progress and measure success.



This course is intended to be an introduction to the principles and techniques of developing business strategies. It is not meant to be a comprehensive or complete guide to business strategy, and the content provided should not be construed as professional advice. Further, it is recommended that participants gain additional knowledge and hands-on experience through our practice workshops and more advanced courses in order to develop the skills necessary to develop a full business strategy.



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