The Complete Python Course :From Basic to the Advance Level

Short Description for this Python course: – In this course you will learn about python course by both form of learning theoretically and practically

Few requirement that are required before enrolling this course:-

-Basic of any programming language

-IDE installed for python

-Anaconda bundle installed

-No prior experience of python is required

You are going to learn about :-

-About python 3 theoretically

-About Python 3 practically

-To understand about the difficult topic like function

-How to send emails by using python 3

-All the basic python statement

-Multi threading programming

-About the socket programming

-CGI programming and also its application

-All about XML processing

Description for this course:-

In this “The Complete Python Course :From Basic to Advance Level” course we will learn about python and its application not just by theory but also by seeing practically with live examples and demos and how to use the graphical IDE. This course has 19 sections which will contain about 9 sections of basic levels and the rest 10 section will contain advance level.

This course has quiz in each section and after every video course so that the students can easily remember and also this will keep them to be focused on learning.

Requirements to enroll:

-Any person who want to learn python

-Any person who is new o programming

-Any programmer who want to advance the python

-Any python 2 developer willing to learn python 3

This course provides:-

-7 hour of video course

-200+ Articles and Resources

-Lifetime Access

-Access on platform like Mobile and T.V.

-Certificate after completion of this course

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