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Machine Learning from Stanford

Machine learning is the study of programming computers to behave in expected ways. Machine learning has enabled the development of self-driving vehicles, realistic voice recognition, successful online search, and a much enhanced knowledge of the human genome within the last decade. Today, machine learning is so prevalent that you undoubtedly use it on a daily basis without even realising it.

Artificial Intelligence from Harvard

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python in CS50 delves into the principles and algorithms that underpin contemporary artificial intelligence, delving into the concepts that behind technologies such as game-playing engine, handwriting recognition, and machine translation. Students acquire exposure to the theory of graph search algorithms, classification, optimisation, deep learning, and other areas in machine learning and artificial intelligence via hands-on projects in which they apply these concepts into their own Python programmes. By the conclusion of the course, students will have gained expertise with machine learning libraries and a working grasp of artificial intelligence concepts, enabling them to create their own intelligent systems.

Python Programming from Wesleyan

The course’s objective is to familiarise students with Python Version 3.x coding via hands-on learning. It will demonstrate how to install Python and how to write and debug programmes using the Spyder IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The method will be to offer an illustration followed by a brief activity in which the student does something similar in order to establish a notion. At the conclusion of each module, students will be expected to create basic programmes and send them for evaluation. It is designed for students with little or no prior programming experience, while those with such a foundation should be able to progress at their own speed.

Android Application Development

Android is gaining popularity among developers and is a market leader in the global smartphone industry. Android programming skills are anticipated to remain in high demand as more firms create mobile applications for customer engagement. Kotlin is a brand-new, cutting-edge programming language. Google has designated Kotlin Android as the official language for Android application development. As a result, it is a language that anyone interested in becoming an Android developer ought to be familiar with.

Financial Markets from Yale

A survey of the concepts, strategies, and institutions that enable human civilization to manage risk and nurture entrepreneurialism. Emphasis is placed on financial smart leadership abilities. Today’s practises are described, as are the future prospects. Risk management and behavioural finance ideas are introduced in order to comprehend the real-world operations of the stocks, insurance, and banking sectors. The ultimate objective of this course is to use such industries efficiently and to contribute to a more just society.

Front-End Web Development

Front End Development is a trending job, engaging, well paid and full of challenges and wonders.  This course will teach you the skills to kick-start a career in Front End Development, assuming no previous knowledge of any of the topics presented. A basic knowledge of how to use your computer and run programs is assumed. This course is all about helping you changing your career path (or creating a new one) and acquire the necessary skills to jump into the job market as soon as possible. 

Cybersecurity for Everyone from Maryland

This course is intended for students with little or no prior knowledge of information technology, whether they are new to or active in the field of cybersecurity (engineers and computer scientists will learn about the wider context and aspects of the business of cybersecurity), and will provide the fundamentals necessary to comprehend the contemporary debates helping to shape a rapidly evolving security landscape.

Data Science from IBM

The curriculum is comprised of nine online courses that will equip you with cutting-edge job-ready technologies and abilities such as open – sourced tools and libraries, Python, databases, SQL, data visualisation, data processing, statistical analysis, predictive modelling, and machine learning techniques. You’ll get hands-on experience with data science by using actual data science applications and real-world data sets on the IBM Cloud.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency from Princeton

How does Bitcoin function? What distinguishes Bitcoin? What level of security do you have with your Bitcoins? What level of anonymity do Bitcoin users enjoy? What controls the Bitcoin price? Cryptocurrencies: Can They Be Regulated? What may the future bring?After completing this course, you will have the knowledge necessary to distinguish reality from fiction while reading statements regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You’ll have the conceptual framework necessary to develop safe software that communicates with the Bitcoin network. Additionally, you’ll be able to incorporate Bitcoin concepts into your own applications.

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