(FREE) Complete React.JS from Zero to Hero | Get Hired

Short Description: – In this course you will learn all about ReactJS which is a framework of Javascript and this course covers react topics like redux, GraphQL, hooks and react router

The requirement’s before enrolling this course:-

-Basic knowledge of javascript

-This course will start from basic of ReactJS

-Basic HTML, CSS knowledge

You will learn about :-

-All the react topics

-Course has complete examples

-React framework

-React application


In this “Complete React.JS from Zero to Hero | Get Hired” course will not just cover react topics but also many additional materials and many concepts of object oriented programming which is also used by many programming languages like java, C++, Python, this course will also cover data structure and design pattern which is used in redux.

This course will cover:



-Object oriented programming in javascript

-React topics like state & pros and parent & child component



-Dependency Injection


-Bootstrap 4

-Many tips and tricks that will help in future

Who should enroll this course:-

-Anyone want to learn ReactJS

-Anyone who has javascript experience

-Who want to learn the latest version of React

This course provides:-

-6+ hour of video course

– Articles and resources

-Lifetime Access

-Access on platform like Mobile and T.V.

-Certificate after completion of this course

Get 3 course worth $129 for FREE