C programming for beginners: Make a game using C

Short Description of course: – This course will teach C language right from the very basic level and will further teach to make games using C language

Requirements to take this course are as follows:

-Must have interest in learning C language as if you don’t have interest towards learning this course then you may end up not learning properly

-Compactable personal Computer which means that modern C language’s do not run on old machine so better check your PC eligibility criteria from the C official website

Course Contents for this course are as follow:

-Introduction to the C language

-Syntax of C programming as each programming language have a syntax

-Loops, in C it basically means iteration

– Conditional Statements, which means the if else and switch case block

-Structure, which means the heterogenous mixture of all the data type under a same name

-To make a game using the C language

Detailed Description for the course and C language:-

C language was first developed by Dennis Ritchie in the year 1972 and in this course you will learn about C which is a  object oriented programming language and this course is divided into many sections which will teach you in detailed topic about each and every topic in C which includes loops which means iteration and is used to perform a given task multiple times without the need of writing the code multiple time then this course also teaches about conditional statements which means to give a condition to a block of statement, conditional statements includes the if else block, this course also teaches to perform operation on String data type and at last this course will teach you to make a TIC Tac Toe game using the C language so don’t wait and enroll this course now.

This Course Includes:-

-4.5 hour video course

-Articles and Code files

-Certificates after compilation

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