(FREE) AutoCAD I The Complete Beginner Course From Autodesk Expert

Short Description: – In this course you will learn about the basic of 2D structure along with training and with expert advice from Autodesk certified professionals, this course is based on AutoCAD 2019

The requirement’s before enrolling this course:-

-Basic knowledge of AutoCAD

-AutoCAD installed in PC

-PDF viewer should be installed in pc

-Active net connection to watch HD videos

You will learn about :-

-How to setup drawing in AutoCAD along with fundamentals construction and editing tools

-To use the help system present online and entering, cancelling, repeating commands

-How to draw a new drawing and also to save and open it in AutoCAD

-How to manage the mechanical and architectural style dimensions

-The cartesian coordinate system and the methods of point entry and the dynamic input

-How to work with Polylines


This course “AutoCAD I The Complete Beginner Course From Autodesk Expert” is a course that is suited for the new user who want to make a career in computer based drawing and graphics or may have used previous version of the AutoCAD software or may be this course is for the Civil engineers who want to take their drawing to a next level and want to increase productivity, this course covers all the basic feature of 2D from the attest version of AutoCAD along with the drawing setup, editing tools, construction, layer management and many more.  

Course structure:-

Lesson 1: Introduction to AutoCAD

  • Introduction to basic AutoCAD concepts and the AutoCAD interface. Using the online Help system. Entering, canceling, and repeating commands. Line, Circle, Arc, Polygon, Rectangle, Erase, and Undo commands introduced. Starting a new drawing, saving a drawing and opening a drawing. File utilities and windows file management techniques.

Lesson 2: Coordinates

  • Introduction to the Cartesian Coordinate system, methods of point entry and Dynamic input. New concepts also include navigating a drawing with the Zoom and Pan commands, Drawing Aids, and Object Snaps.

Lesson 3: Selection and Editing I

  • Introduction to basic selection methods. (Pick, Window, Crossing, Previous, and Last). Construction and Editing I – Erase, Move, Copy, Rotate, Offset, and Mirror.

Lesson 4: Polylines and Editing II

  • Creating and working with Polylines. Construction and Editing II – Trim, Extend, Fillet, and Chamfer.

Lesson 5: Setup, Layouts and Viewports

  • Discussion on drawing set up procedures. Using basic template drawings. Introduction to Paper Space. Creating single viewports and setting viewport scales.

Lesson 6: Inquiry and Editing III

  • Construction and Editing III – Stretch, Scale, and Lengthen. Breaking and Joining entities. Introduction to basic inquiry procedures with the List, Dist, ID, Area, and Measuregeom commands.

Lesson 7: Properties and Layers

  • Introduction to Layers and Object Propertes AutoCAD. Controlling linetypes with Ltscale and Celtscale. Students will learn how to set and modify properties through the Properties Palette. New commands include Layer, Properties, and MatchProp.

Lesson 8: Annotation

  • Discussion on procedures for adding text to a drawing. Setting a style and following standards. Students will learn techniques for creating and formatting text. Various options of the Mtext editor will be discussed in depth.

Lesson 9: Grips and Tracking

  • Introduction to grips and grip edit commands. Working with Polar Tracking and Polar Snap settings. Using Object snap tracking and the Align command.

Lesson 10: Points and Arrays

  • Construction & Editing IV – Donuts and Spirals. Xlines and Rays. Rectangular and Polar Arrays. Point, Divide and Measure.

Lesson 11: Dimension Overview

  • Introduction to dimensioning terms and commands. Introduction to dimension styles and style settings and how they control the appearance of dimensions. Students will learn how to create and manage both mechanical and architectural style dimensions.

Lesson 12: Dimension Editing

  • Editing and fine-tuning the appearance of dimensions with Child styles, dimension edit commands (Update, Edit and Tedit), grip editing, and the Properties palette.

Who should enroll this course:-

-Anyone want to learn to use AutoCAD

-Civil Engineers student

-Someone who has used the previous version of AutoCAD

This course provides:-

-24 hour of video course

-1 Articles

-13 Resources

-Lifetime Access

-Access on platform like Mobile and T.V.

-Certificate after completion of this course

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