Flamenco With Rafael – The Ultimate Flamenco Guitar Course



Discover the beauty of Flamenco Guitar with this online course available on Udemy. Learn to play with confidence, mastering the correct posture and technique, while avoiding injury and improving your fluency across all genres.

Start a party with the Rumba and impress your friends with your knowledge of the most popular Flamenco style, the 12-beat Bulerías.

Recognize and understand the history of Flamenco with sounds of the Soleá, los cantes mineros and the lighthearted Alegrías de Cádiz.

Learn from decades of expertise and get the guidance you need to practice effectively and self-correct common mistakes. With this course, you’ll be able to play Flamenco guitar like a pro!


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In this two-hour course, Rafael Lloyd Iglesias will teach you the basics of Flamenco guitar. This beginner course covers:


  • different correct sitting postures, which are necessary to reduce risk of injury over your playing career;
  • essential left and right-hand techniques – which can be used in all guitar playing styles;
  • two flamenco ‘palos’ (styles) – the Bulería and the Rumba, with small building-blocks which you can put together to form a little piece at the end
  • broader context and history behind flamenco music, such as the regions different styles originated from and how this affects their mood and feel 

Rafael is a lifelong musician, composer and teacher with worldwide playing experience and a unique teaching style that he has developed over the course of his career. He has taught thousands of students and played with many flamencos and other musicians across different genres such as jazz, folk and pop.


This course has been produced to appeal to all guitarists, regardless of background and playing ability: Rafael has taught beginners and professional musicians – all of whom can learn something new and improve their playing by immersing themselves in the culture and moods of Spanish flamenco music.


Whether you are a beginner looking to improve your technique (or provide some structure for your guitar journey), or a professional guitarist looking to open your ears to a new style, all musicians will have something to gain from Rafael’s teaching method and the contents of the course.


See for yourself: various parts of the course are available to preview for free.


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