Explore Your Heart Through Wisdom Teachings

Welcome to Explore your heart through wisdom teachings- To discover the tree of life

In my previous course I have shown and discussed with students about what is emotions and how to transform their emotions into unconditional love. I also briefly talk about the heart, wisdom and the universe in the course. I have also explained about the living the live of love, compassion, unity, gratitude and surrender.

In this course, I am revealing to students, what it is like to explore their hearts and what is required to explore it? This course also talks about the relationship between the heart, universe and the wisdom and how they are all interconnected.

In this course you can uncover the findings of the heart and what part the bliss plays in our lives and what exactly is its purpose? You will also learn how much further can one travel and discover the depth of the heart without any fear.

This course also talks about the relationship between the mind and the heart and reveals the mind’s view of the heart which is very different to the true expression of the heart itself.

This course includes meditation that can help you in clearing negative thinking and expand your heart. Unconditional love and the tree of life healing is ideal for someone looking to clear blockages, heal trauma and rejuvenate themselves.

Wishing you a beautiful journey.

Your Coach

Smitha Jagadish


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