Everyday English Expressions: Upgrade your English fluency

Short Description

Learn the right way to say what you mean in dozens of daily situations

What you’ll learn

  • Speak English more confidently.Produce the target idioms confidently and accurately when you speak
  • you’ll understand many of the most common slang and idioms of spoken American English
  • Improve your English listening skill
  • Improve your English Grammar and Speaking skills.Understand more English idioms that native speakers use


  • A pre-intermediate or higher level of English
  • A desire to improve your English through practice


This course is designed to teach you the most common slang and idioms that American English speakers use every day.

In this course , we will teach you idioms and expressions through 7 great stages , so every lessons consists of 7 great useful lessons

Following these 7 stages will definitely grantee your success

Stage 1 : Idioms definitions and meaning
Stage 2 : Idioms in conversation
Stage 3 : Check your understanding
Stage 4 : Listening practice
Stage 5 : Brain training exercise
Stage 6 : Grammar point
Stage 7 : Grammar exercise

Each section focuses on almost 10 carefully selected target idioms so that you can master each one and produce them accurately in your spoken English.

This course is extremely detailed, so you can fully master the target English.

If you want to speak English more clearly, if you want to sound more native-like, or if you simply want to take your English to a higher level, this course can help you achieve your goal of taking your English to the next level;

Start to speak with more creativity and variety by upgrading your knowledge of English idioms!
The course uses everyday example conversations that are just like what Americans say to each other at work, at school and at home.

This course includes:

  • lectures for the target idioms
  • English fun conversations and idioms in real situations
  • Checking and Brain training for every single idiom
  • speaking practice for every single idiom
  • listening practice for every single idiom
  • future updates – this course will continue to grow and grow
  • Grammar points and Exercises

Who this course is for:

  • Take this course if you want to improve your spoken English.
  • Anyone who needs to practice listening to spoken American English
  • Take this course if you want to speak English with more creativity.
  • Take this course if you want to master English idioms and take your English to the next level

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