Ethical Hacking for beginners: Beginner to Advance

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Learn how to become an elite ethical hacker and easily hack networks, computer systems, web apps


For those who have had no prior training or understanding in hacking or cybersecurity, this hands-on, practical course was designed just for them, with a focus on practical skills and hands-on experience. In this course, you will learn not only what black-hat hatters do and how they do it, but you will also learn how to hack systems like a pro and win the cat and mouse game by protecting systems like a professional security expert, which is the ultimate goal.

Using a combination of hands-on experience and excellent theoretical instruction, we teach you from the fundamentals of ethical hacking all the way up to mastery, providing you with the skills you need not just to hack, but also to protect yourself from being hacked.

While we recognize that theory is vital, we also recognize that it may be boring and uninspired at times. In order to facilitate learning, this course is filled with real-world examples that you can use. This hands-on approach begins at the beginning, when we will teach you about penetration testing and demonstrate how to install the necessary tools (for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX) before diving right into hacking.

Throughout the course, you will evaluate and attack a variety of systems, ranging from simple websites to complex networks, as well as hacking servers and client computers. You’ll study more than just hacking tactics; you’ll also learn how to perform effective penetration testing procedures.

This method provides you with the basic understanding that you need not only to hack any given system, but also to secure it, with each module covering both sides of the coin as part of the learning process. The course is divided into six major sections:


A thorough introduction to the fundamentals of networking systems, including how they communicate and function, is provided in this part, which is intended to equip you with the information and skills necessary to succeed in this course.

THE ESSENTIALS OF NETWORKING: Networking might seem like a daunting subject, so don’t be intimidated! We break down only the most critical aspects of networking that you need to know and teach you the foundations of networking that you need to be successful.

ESTABLISHING A HACKING LABORATORY: You can’t hack unless you have a lab! Setting up your own hacking lab on your laptop or desktop computer is easy when you follow our step-by-step instructions!

PRINCIPLES OF LINUX + SCRIPTING: Hackers utilize Linux, which is an operating system that the typical person may not be familiar with. We will go through the fundamentals of Linux so that you will be able to find your way around the operating system during this course. We also cover a few of scripting languages that are absolutely necessary for every ethical hacker, and we teach you the fundamentals of each one through hands-on practice.

HIDING YOUR IDENTITY ON THE INTERNET: If you plan on hacking into someone’s computer through the internet, you’ll want to understand how to remain anonymous. We will demonstrate the tools and tactics that you may employ to ensure that you stay anonymous and untraceable on the internet at all times.

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