Engineering and Construction Design Management

Design drawings and information are developed to clearly document what we are going to be building. Design management is becoming an increasingly important part of engineering and construction projects. This is due to a variety of reasons including the increasingly common practice of outsourcing design scope, the increasing complexity of construction projects, the multiple engineering disciplines now involved in all projects, the need to address more stakeholder needs and achieve balanced project objectives including time, cost, safety, and performance.

For these reasons, design management is becoming an increasingly important job on construction projects. The tools and techniques used in design management are needed by all construction management professionals. In our engineering and construction design management course, we are going to teach the basics of engineering design for infrastructure projects and the tools and techniques used by design managers.

Our course is broken down into four sections:

  • Section 1 – An Introduction to Design Management where we cover what design is, the contents and structure of the design, design development and design management
  • Section 2 – Design Development, where we go through the process of developing the detailed drawings and specifications that define what to build in detail and how to manage this process to ensure project outcomes are achieved
  • Section 3 – Construction Phase Design Management where we look at managing the design during the construction phase

And finally, section 4 where we review the content of the course.

If you are interested in mastering these critical skills and accelerating your career in construction management, make sure you enroll in the course!


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