Doodle Magic | Basic & Fun Techniques

Have you ever wanted to learn how to doodle? Or maybe you’re a seasoned doodler and just want to pick up more techniques? Well, whatever the case, this class will give you valuable tips, tricks, techniques, ideas, and examples!

Some of the things we will cover are:

  • What is Doodling
  • Best Supplies (But you can use anything you like! :))
  • Making Mistakes
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Messy Vs Clean Doodles
  • Word & Lettering Doodles
  • Cute & Simple Character Doodles
  • Abstract Doodling
  • Using References
  • Expanding Your Visual Vocabulary
  • Being Creative
  • Finding Inspiration & much more!! 

You’ll leave the class with a newfound appreciation for doodling and a collection of your own unique doodles.

The class will also show many examples of the doodle techniques being put to use and will help you to believe in your doodling skills and to step outside the box! So, whether you’re looking to unwind and relax through art or want to add a personal touch to your notes and journals, this class is the perfect opportunity to explore your creativity and learn new skills. Join me and let’s have fun doodling together!

So, get your doodle pens out and let’s make some doodle mayhem! 🙂

(You don’t need previous drawing experience or any fancy art tools. Just a pen or pencil and paper will do! :))

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