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Python DJango learn how to build Ecommerce website with Paypal intergration, and a Backend Rest-Api | Django Projects


Welcome to the Project-Based DJango Master Class Build Ecommerce Wesbite ,BackEnd RestApi  ,where you will learn to develop a fully-featured eCommerce an Back end Rest Api from scratch.

First am proud to let you know that the Source code of this Course is Available

I have so  designed this course, for anyone seeking to learn and build a Django-based custom web applications. So by the end of this course, you will be able to analyze, design, and develop your own eCommerce application and Backend Rest api of any kind


through out this course we’ll be building a fully custom featured eCommerce application an a Backend Rest Api using a Python Django web framework.You will learn how to make your own custom user model,categories and products, Carts, Incrementing, Decrementing and removing cart items, Unlimited Product image gallery, Orders, Payments, also we’ll be making “after order functionalities” such as reduce the quantify of sold products, send the order received email, clearing the cart, Order completion page as well as generating an invoice for the order. Also, we’ll be making a Review and Rating system where we’ll be designing the interactive rating stars from scratch that even allows you to rate a half-star rating. We’ll be also making my account functionalities for the customer who can easily edit his profile, profile pictures, change his account password, and also manage his orders.

Rest APi

APIs are the unsung heroes behind the technologies that we all love and use religiously.

One of the most critical components for any tech-based business is an API. So knowing how to create an API from start to finish is a vital skill to have as a developer. You cannot build a successful app without a backend REST API!

i will be teaching everything from the scratch, so if you are totaly new to Django please watch the first part of the section to get a better understaning of how Django works .

The best way to learn anything is to do it. So the practical application of the course — the project that you’ll build along side me — is an API. A Movie API, to be specific.

This course has two  focus: To teach you how to create an advanced Ecommerce website an  API from start to finish using best practice.

You dont need to know anything about python DJango to take this course ,everything is well detail…

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