Develop Discord Bots in Python – Ultimate Course

Short Description

Learn how to create practical and useful Discord Bots for everyday usage


In this Course, you will learn how to make useful, practical discord bots for your everyday usage.

What’s inside this Course?

  • Firstly, you’re going to learn the syntax of Events and Commands, which are the basics of discord .py
  • After that, we’re going to dive further into more Advanced topics that deepen your understanding of this library, like Tasks, Cogs and Checks
  • Then, we’re going to make 3 useful discord bots:
    • Music Bot
    • Battleships Bot
    • Poll Bot
    These are all bots that that you can use in your everyday discord-life

Why this Course? Why choose me as your tutor?

  • Because I have 7 Years of Experience coding in Python
  • Because I know how to break down complex matters and explain them in a straightforward and simple way due to my experience teaching various STEM-subjects to students
  • Because you will create several projects throughout the Course that will teach you step by step how to code a discord bot
  • Because I grew up speaking English and even though I am not a native speaker, I can confidently say that you will have no problem understanding me because I speak in a fluent, loud and clear way
  • Because I can offer you assistance whenever you have any trouble or questions regarding my Course
  • Because this Course teaches you everything there is to learn about the discord .py library – after the Course, you can make any discord bot you want!

Who this course is for:

  • Discord Users wanting to code discord bots that they can use in their server
  • Beginner to Intermediate Python Programmers who want to learn something new
  • Those who want to create fun and creative bots and games
  • Beginner Python Programmers curious about what is possible

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