Cryptocurrency Trading Course : Memecoins and Shitcoins

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Trade Shitcoins & Memecoins In a Systematic & Strategic Way and Join the Millionaire Space with Fiverr Top Rated Seller


  • Are you Confused and dont know how to trade shitcoins and memecoins ?
  • Are you missing out the huge gains from memecoins and shitcoins ?
  • Are you struglling in finding and trading shitcoins and memecoins in systmeatic and technicaal way ?
  • Are you confused about where to trade shitcoins and memecoins and where to not ?
  • Have you missed out the $Shiba Inu , $Safemoon, $Pig and $Pit train ?
  • Do you want to join the quick earning method to increase the profit in parabolic way?

——————–If youR answer is “YES” then this course is for you. my champ! ——————

In recent times, meme coins have become more popular than mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Have you missed out on dogecoin, which hit 100X in 2021?

6 months fast forward -showing timelapse effects , Missed yet another train?- There goes Shiba Inu which also hit 100x!

Now, you might be thinking there won’t be any more explosive meme coins.

Well, that’s wrong. The crypto community wants meme coins, and they will keep coming. Their performance is mainly linked to social media support and influencers’ hype.

But, you can’t blindly invest in a meme coin because the creators can run away with all the money. That’s a rug pull. Proper risk management is mandatory as meme coins are even more volatile than mainstream crypto tokens.

Memecoins can create millionaires out of thin air. Keep yourself updated, and always seek to learn more before indulging in meme coins.

My name is Basit Khan, Top rated seller on Fiverr as an crypto expert.  Being crypto enthusiastic and expert ,I have  strong grip over technicalities and fundamentals of the this space. I have four years of experience in trading and investing in cryptocurrency as a full time day trader as well as an investor . This includes technical and fundamental research,  market psychology, strategic trading ( day trading swing trading and investing strategies ) risk management, financial services and  buying and selling of legit memecoins & shitcions without  being scam in them.


  1. What are Shitcoins and Memecoins
  2. Types of Shitcoins And Memecoins
  3. Why to trade Shitcoins And Memcoins
  4. Where to Effectivly  Trade Shitcoins and memecoins
  5. List of CEX for trading Shitcoins And Memecoins
  6. List of DEX for trading Shitcoins And Memecoins
  7. List Of Good and Easy  Wallet to Use with DEX for trading Shitcoins & Memecoin
  8. Where to Find Shitcoins And Memecoins : Some Famous and Good platforms
    • Platform 1 to 6 Platform – Live Demonstration
  9. Old Vs New Shitcoins and Memecoins
  10. How to Buy\Sell Shitcoins & Memecoins on Centralised Exchanges
  11. How to Buy\Sell Shitcoins & Memecoins on Decentralized  Exchanges
  12. How to Connect Wallet with DEX to trade Shitcoins & Memecoins
  13. Top 12 Rules that Everyone Should Follow Before Buying Shitcoins & Memecoins ( Live Explanation on charts)
    • Rule 1 to Rule 10  Explanation on Live charts
  14. Investment & Trading Strategy for Shitcoins & Memecoins
  15. Portfolio diversification Strategy on Shitcoins & Memecoins
  16. When to buy and When to Sell
  17. Risk Management
  18. Market Psycology In Term of Shitcoins & Memecoins
  19. Points to Remember
  20. Conclusion

Feel free to ask your queries in help box, I will be happy to answer.

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