Complete Introduction to Economics for Beginners 2021

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17 Hours Complete Course |Perfect Course for University Students, Adult Learners and Especially for Entrepreneurs


About this Course Economics | Basics to Advanced Level|

This course was recorded for university students for making them professionals in economics. As some of the students are not from the economics background so in this course we start from a very scratch level to clear their concepts. You can check out the preview lectures every topic is explained in very detail.

In this course, we start from very basic level concepts of economics to advanced level. The course is carefully designed and structured in the simplest way to give you an understanding of Basics to Advances Concepts of Economics, Demand and Supply Analysis, Elasticity Concepts in Economics, High-Level Concepts of Economics for Professionals, Depreciation Depletion, Economic Thoughts, Ten(10) Principles of Economics, Revenue, Profit and Cost Analysis, Businesses and Form of Businesses, Linear Programming In Economics

Course Content

Basic Concepts of Economics

  1. Economics, Agents of Economics
  2. D- Economic System, E-Slope in Economics, Slope in Economics, F Variables
  3. Engineering Economics, Economics VS Engineering Economics, Goods and Services
  4. Types of Goods, Types of Services, Terminology, and Symbols

Demand and Supply

  1. Concepts of Demand And Quantity Demanded
  2. Law of Demand, Functions of Demand, Shifting of Demand
  3. Supply, Types of Supply Schedules and Curves, Factors Affecting Supply
  4. Law of Supply, Increase or Decrease in Supply with Examples
  5. Equilibrium of Demand and Supply, Effect of Shift in Supply Demand with Algebra
  6. Goods in Economics


  1. Elasticity, Representation and Find Price Elasticity of Demand with Example
  2. Representation and Find Price Elasticity of Supply, Income Elasticity
  3. Measurement of Income Elasticity and Cross Elasticity

Advanced Concepts of Economics

  1. Measurement of Financial Effectiveness, Time Value of Money, Present Value
  2. Future Value with Examples
  3. Profitability Index(PI), Measurement of PI, Interpreting and Application of PI
  4. Examples of Profitability Index
  5. Payback Period, Significance of Payback Period, Examples of Payback Period
  6. Net Present Value, Acceptance Rule of Net Present Value
  7. Examples of Net Present Value (1-5)
  8. Examples of Net Present Value (6-10)
  9. Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Advantages and Disadvantages of IRR
  10. Measurement of Financial Effectiveness, TYM
  11. Environment and Economics, Engineering Economics Decisions
  12. Economic Indicators

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