Complete course in AutoCAD : 2D and 3D coupon


Are you frustrated trying to teach yourself AutoCAD?! This course will quickly allow you to start using AutoCAD and getting paid for your AutoCAD skills.

Whether you’re brand new to AutoCAD, or have played around with it but need more guidance, this course will help you feel confident and comfortable using the industry-standard CAD application.

Create building designs, alterations, floorplans, import & edit PDF files of existing drawings, add text & dimensions and understand how to use Paper Space & Model Space!

This course was designed for the complete beginner, with practice files and a realistic project to allow you to put into practice the skills as you learn them. Throughout this AutoCAD course, you’ll be creating your own real-world realistic project that is indicative of the kind you might be asked to create in the workplace. You will learn how to produce a professional drawing to industry standards and hopefully inspire you to do even more!

You will begin right at the start and learn how to set up the software in order to use AutoCAD the way most people in the industry like to use it. You will learn basic selection, creation, and modification techniques first before following along as we put those skills into practice to create a building layout together.

As the course progresses you will switch between learning basic skills and then putting them into practice on your project. By learning this way you will not only learn how to do something but why and where we use those skills. This will leave you with a much greater understanding of the software and how it is used in the workplace.

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