Complete Arduino Course For Beginners

What will you learn in this course?

• Short answer is you will learn everything about Arduino.

• You will get – What is Arduino and what can be made with it?

• We will learn how to program Arduino.

• What is LED and how it can be controlled by Arduino

• How to detect that button is pressed

• What is a potentiometer and how can it be used?

• What is Buzzer and how to play a melody on it?


You will learn how to display what we want on

• one digit and four-digit 7-segment led display

LCD screen.


You will learn how to connect and get data from several sensors:

Light sensor


Ultrasonic Distance sensor

Motion detection (PIR) sensor


You will learn about motors.

• What are the differences between them and how to control them?


• There will be some advanced themes like:

IR Remote and receiver

• and Wi-Fi module


In the course will be two milestone projects

Obstacle-avoiding robot

Get weather data from the Internet project



What are the prerequisites for the course?

• You should know the basics of programming in any programming language.

Because in this course, we will not learn what is variable or if statement but we will learn how it works for Arduino.

• You need to have a PC and internet.


Should you have an Arduino KIT?

• About 80 percent of the course, you will be able to pass in an online Arduino simulator.

• The simulator can be a good start for you to get if you are interested in it and then choose whether should you buy the Arduino KIT.



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