Blender 3D: Let’s Modelling an 3D Owl Character with Blende

Short Description

Improve your modeling practice with useful tips. This course includes; 3D modeling, 3D texturing and 3D rendering tips.


Hello my dear students. Blender 3D: Let’s Model an Easy 3D Owl character with Blender 2.93.  In this course, which I published on the giant education platform Udemy, we will learn shortcut tips for modeling, texturing and rendering operations with you. I hope it will be a productive, understandable and enjoyable lesson for you. As we know, 3D modeling is both a hobby and a huge industry that provides a lot of income. Listen and apply complex points from me in simple and understandable ways. If you have any problems or have any questions, you can contact me. Rest assured that I will help you with all my effort and heart.

You will need a computer and the Blender 3D program for this lesson. The program is installed quite easily. This course is especially for my intermediate students who want to make realistic models with Blender 3D. In this course, I teach very useful shortcuts to students who use the Blender program and want to improve their skills.
Together we will model an owl and add the texture material. While doing this, I will teach you easy shortcuts that make a difference by improving your skills.

In summary, what do you need for this course;

-An ordinary computer.
and the Blender 3D program installed on your computer (you can download it for free from the Blender official site.)

This First Class will guide you through:

-3D Modeling

-3D Design

-3D Texturing

-3D Render 

Who this course is for:

  • Those who are interested in art.
  • Those who want to take their hobbies to the level of expertise with practices.
  • Those who want to design characters with Blender.
  • Intermediate knowledge people interested in Blender.
  • Those who want to create 3D models for games

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