Blender 2.9 Design & Render a Stylized Water Scene coupon

‘Blender 2.9 Design & Render a Stylized Water Scene’ will give you access to one of the most versatile modelling experiences out there. You will be creating a vast number of 3D assets, helping you practice different skills and Blender 2.9 addons, modifiers, and tools.

This course will teach you how to 3D model stylised assets from the ground up, using Blender 2.9. Whether you are a 3D modelling beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, on-screen tooltips and animations will be popping up when you need them to explain what each Blender 2.9 modifier, addon, or functionality do. Learning outcomes from joining this course will also include adding new key commands to your 3D modeller toolkit with key casting allowing you to keep track of every key I press during the course.

Because of the ‘Blender 2.9 Design & Render a Stylized Water Scene’ course design, the course handbook will enable you to take a personalised approach to the modelling tasks you chose to focus on next, enabling you to skip ahead to model those assets you cannot wait to get your hands on. By the end of the course, the knowledge you will have learned can be used independent of the direction you take in 3D modeling – following the amateur or the professional path.


‘Blender 2.9 Design & Render a Stylized Water Scene’ will teach you how to make complex stylized materials from scratch using Blender 2.9’s node system. We will be taking an in-depth look at all texture maps, like metallic and roughness, for example. As part of this course, you will also be creating procedural sand and rope materials.

Through enrolling in this course, you will also learn how to lay and apply multiple materials to meshes.


Through modelling every sea voyager’s nightmare – a set of tentacles reaching for you – you will learn basic animation skills. You will learn how to create a basic armature and how to use it to position your red tentacles within our scene to create a sense of fear in our storytelling.


‘Blender 2.9 Design & Render a Stylized Water Scene’ will show you how to use Blender 2.9 cycles rendering as part of your quality assurance process. Through rendering our stylised water scene regularly, we will be tweaking its presentation to reach the course finish line in such a way that our scene fully resembles what we aimed for.

Rendering will allow us to present our model professionally and make it stand out in any portfolio. Lighting is one of the key components that tend to be the most overlooked. ‘Blender 2.9 Design & Render a Stylized Water Scene’ will take you a step further, giving you more than a basic introduction to lighting and helping you achieve one of the most desirable lighting conditions – underwater god rays.

The god rays we will have created in the underwater section of our stylized scene will add the wow-factor to the overall design, with every individual asset individually contributing to the scene’s professional 3D modelling quality.

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