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Learn and explore BigQuery Fundamentals for Data Analysis, Data Visualization.


Welcome to the best online course on Big Query.

In this digital world where every smart device in front of us is generating data that is being used to understand our interests and generate meaningful recommendations. Bigquery has adopted all query optimizations that SQL provides plus it also adds in hardware level optimization to be able to process large data.

Summing up the data from all users, approximately 2500 petabytes of data is generated every day and with IoT innovations coming up I wouldn’t be surprised if we reach the 1 zettabyte mark in the next few years. It is the service solution that intends to ease the storing & querying of datasets without much consumption of time and money. If you do not have the right infrastructure and hardware, then storing and querying might become complex for your organization.

This course is best for you to learn the fundamentals of BigQuery. It covers all BigQuery concepts.

In this course, you will cover:-

  • Introduction to BigQuery
  • How does it work?
  • Getting started with GCP and BigQuery.
  • Visualization using Data Studio.
  • Introduction to BI Engine.
  • Big query in Data Analysis.
  • Exploring Big query dataset on Kaggle kernel.
  • Connecting Big query to Tableau Desktop.
  • Data Analysis Project.
  • Introduction to Data Warehouse.
  • Properties of Data Warehouse.
  • Alternatives of BigQuery.

After finishing this course, you will master the Fundamentals of Google BigQuery.

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Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn of BigQuery basics.
  • Any working Professionals beginning their journey in the Data world.
  • Anyone who is interested to become Data Engineer.
  • Students who are looking to be an expert on Google Bigquery Platform.

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