Bash Shell Programming for Data Sciences: Animated Coupon


When you enroll you will get lifetime access to all of the course contents and any updates and when you complete the course 100% you will also get a Certificate of completion that you can add to your resum√©/CV to show off to the world your new-found Linux & Scientific Computing Mastery! So What are you Waiting For? Click that shiny enroll button and we’ll See you inside. We created here a total of one university semester worth of knowledge (valued USD $2500-6000) into one single video course, and hence, it’s a high-level overview.  Don’t forget to join our Q&A live community where you can get free help anytime from other students and the instructor. This awesome course is a component of the Learn Scientific Computing master course.


“This is one of the best course I have reviewed in Udemy. All the chapters are very useful. The instructor explained exactly what you need  to use Bash as your data analysis tool in your pocket. I look forward more  coursed from this Instructor. The instructor is very experienced, explanations are  on point. Than you for creating a great course.” –  Tarique Syed

“The instructor was very engaging. Changed a boring, hard-to-understand tool into something usable and easy-to-use, all the while making it fun to learn.” – Prat Ram”Well done. Well – structured and explained course. Will definitely recommend the course to my course. From my point of view, everything was OK in the course.” – Sem Milaserdov  “Overall, the course delivered what promised with a good resource for those who want to learn and do more. The course is filled with resource and the educator attached his own book on the subject for the learners.” – Afshin Kalantari

“It’s a very well organized course, from the background, basic Linux cli which everyone should be to build  data processing scenarios. wonderful class.” – Charley Guan

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn Bash and the command line to improve their career prospects
  • Researchers who want to add Bash and other command line tools to their bag of tricks
  • Scientists who want to learn to explore and analyze the data that their lab generates
  • Journalists who want to polish their reporting by analyzing publicly-available datasets
  • Anyone wants to deal with Big Data

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