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AutoCAD is the most common product of Autodesk. With its vast applications around the globe, AutoCAD is one of the most prominent products used globally for engineering design work. AutoCAD is used in multiple engineering disciplines like Civil, Mechanical, Architecture, Electrical, & Electronics, etc. This AutoCAD course is not designed from AutoCAD Mechanical, Electrical, or Electronics perspective. This AutoCAD course is limited to AutoCAD Civil, and Architectural disciplines only.


This is an AutoCAD 3D course and it doesn’t cover AutoCAD 2D. Before designing this course it is assumed that you are already familiar with the AutoCAD 2D commands. We will use AutoCAD 2D commands as well but we will not learn the 2D commands in detail. Our main focus is AutoCAD 3D. So we’ll work in the 3D Modelling workspace which is a dedicated workspace for any 3D work in AutoCAD. This AutoCAD course will be started with ‘3D Modelling Workspace Interface’. We will try to cover each & every 3D command which later on is going to be used in the project. Once we get the expertise in using AutoCAD 3D commands then we will start working on the project & will create a complete 3 BHK ground+1 story 3D House Elevation. We’ll create & fix the doors, windows & stairs as well that completely make a house. Other than these we’ll learn about Autodesk Material Library & we will learn how to use custom materials & textures. Also, we will learn how to create attractive & realistic render images in AutoCAD.


This AutoCAD 3D course has a total of 7 video tutorials with a total length of 5 hours. This AutoCAD 3D course is designed by assuming that you already have basic knowledge of AutoCAD 2D & now want to learn AutoCAD 3D from the very basics.


This course is designed in AutoCAD 2017 version but it can be easily learned in almost any older or latest version of AutoCAD.

Some resource files are attached. You can download and use these.


This AutoCAD course is divided into the following three sections:


  1. Getting Familiar with AutoCAD 3D Commands
  2. 3D Elevation of 3 BHK House
  3. Materials & Renders


I will suggest must go through all the videos. Don’t skip if you properly want to get the outcome of this course.


Note: Please go through all the topic titles before enrolling in this course. I tried to explain the course content in the description as well & have made enough length of the video available for free preview so that you can decide if you should get this course or not. I recommend joining the course only if you think this course matches your expectations.


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