ASP Net MVC Core 5 – Extreme Learning Course in C#

Short Description

A hands-on approach to ASPNet MVC in .Net 5 – Jump right into coding your next web application in Visual Studio 2019


This course is being offered free for a limited time.  Because free courses have a content limit, we will be adding the remaining content after the initial free offering.

You will design and develop an actual application development using Test Driven Development (TDD), ASP.NET MVC in .Net Core 5 (now .Net 5).  This course follows a typical project development cycle with fuzzy requirements, changing requirements, and design decisions. 

Chuck McCullough will guide you through the design and implementation of an n-tier application using an iterative approach.  While concepts and theory are addressed, this course is heavily oriented towards a quick start to application development.  The course covers a wide swath of the ASPNet API.  Download working projects to compare with your own implementation. 

Successful students should be proficient in C# and VIsual Studio 2019.   You will need Visual Studio 2019 (Community, Professional, or Enterprise) with the ASPNet workload installed. 

Specifically, you will learn all about

  • Application design
  • Test driven design
  • MVC project components
  • Controllers
  • Controller Actions
  • Razor
  • Views
  • Partial views
  • Dynamic views
  • Strong typed Models
  • Dynamic Models
  • Dependency injection
  • Validation
  • Client-side validation
  • C# 9.0 features
  • Web Security
  • Anti-Forgery

Chuck has implemented dozens of applications in .Net and brings his years of experience as an architect, designer, and programmer to this course.  This course has been presented to thousands of developers as an instructor-led, in-person course, including Microsoft employees!  We are constantly updating our courses and this course will only be free for a short time, so enroll now!

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