ASO from the Ground Up | Methods to Grow Your Game

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Learn the secrets top mobile gaming studios and publishers use to keep their games a the top of the app store charts.


From Yodo1, the publishers of hit games like Rodeo Stampede and Transformers: Earth Wars, comes ASO from the Ground Up.

Yodo1’s growth team are the experts on ASO for mobile, and now that expertise is available to you.

Building a great game is only one step along the road to success. Once your game is live, how do you get more players on your game listing page? How do you get them to download the game? Strong App Store Optimization can give your game a huge advantage in the rankings, at no cost. This course will teach you everything you need to ranker higher and get more downloads. With over a billion players worldwide, Yodo1 has mastered ASO to a high form, and we’re excited to share everything we know with you!

This course covers the essentials of on-site ASO, as well as the more advanced topics, like getting featured in the App Store, localizing your game, and things you can do beyond your game listing page. The ultimate goal of this course is to give you all the tools you need to succeed with your mobile games.

If you’re serious about getting more downloads and increasing your game’s revenue, sign up now!

Must enroll: Data Science

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