Apple’s patent shows “special glasses” that exclusively display iPhone content.

Apple may develop a new privacy tool that requires the owner of an iPhone to wear special glasses in order to read its content, as per a new patent filed by the corporation. The patent, according to Patently Apple, outlines “privacy glasses” that prevent others from viewing your material.
According to the newspaper, the patent application “relates to methods for displaying eyesight graphical outputs and standard graphical outputs on an electronic device.”
Glasses of Confidence

This would imply that Apple’s privacy glasses will register a user and decide appropriate corrective eyewear scenarios in the event of a vision impairment. The output would then be adjusted to the registered user’s vision impairment, without the need to put on and take off corrective glasses.

To maintain privacy, “the user may interact with the calibration graphic in order to purposefully blur the graphical output displayed on the device’s display (iPhone)” so that it is not visible to those in close proximity to the device.
Profiles for facial recognition

Besides the privacy glasses, Apple is reported to be working on a Face ID feature that allows for numerous profiles. As per the patent, the system will be able to discern between a user’s hairdo, beard, glasses, no glasses, and sunglasses, among other features.

Each alteration in the user’s facial features will be stored as a unique biometric identity, allowing users to easily unlock their devices. With Face ID’s various profiles, Apple may be aiming to replicate the speed of Touch ID in Macs, which enables users to switch accounts simply by placing the appropriate finger on the sensor.
You should keep in mind that Apple will or will not use the patent to develop future products; nonetheless, we may see some of its advancements in other devices, such as the rumoured mixed-reality headset.

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