Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Zero to Hero

Short Description

Beginners, Zero to Hero. AWS EC2 web server, NodeJS Server, AWS RDS database server, S3, SES & CloudWatch. FREE

What you will learn

Launch an AWS EC2 WordPress web server

Create and connect to an AWS relational database server

Create a NodeJS highly available and fault tolerant web application environment

Upload files to AWS S3

Send email with AWS SES

Monitor and alert with AWS Cloud

Watch How to use AWS for free.


A high paced hands on course on AWS. Complete with in depth professional course notes.

Subtitles for 24 languages.

Learn how to do common tasks:

  • Create an AWS EC2 WordPress Web server;
  • Launch and connect to an AWS RDS relational database server;
  • Create a highly available and fault tolerant back-end for NodeJS applications with AWS Elastic Beanstalk;
  • Store and retrieve files from AWS S3;
  • Send email with AWS SES;
  • Create Alarms with AWS CloudWatch; and
  • Use the AWS Command Line Interface.

This is the first section of our popular AWS Certified Associate course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Amazon Web Services

Also learn: API

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