Algorithmic Bot Trading on Futures (Series 1)

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A complete guide to risk management and leverage trading


A guide to surviving the Crypto Markets through a mathematical and statistical approach to crypto futures trading.

This course is a deep dive into risk management, trading tactics, and thesis development, to help you on your way to treating your trading like a business. You will learn how to trade futures in a way that is mathematically and statistically consistent, and intelligent. You will discover that you can make money in futures and have long term success, if you apply the methodologies I teach in this course, and stop gambling away your money with leverage and blowing up your accounts.

Every business suffers setbacks, downturn, and incurs losses. The important thing in running your trading like a business is to not let your emotions control your decision making, and stick to the business plan you laid out. Success comes in waves, it comes slowly over time, and you should always keep your mindset as a business owner in this way. Analyze your trade histories, find areas of weakness and improve, and stay the course.

  • A complete guide to risk management
  • How to survive drawdown periods
  • A mathematical and statistical approach to trading
  • An understanding of backtesting and strategy thesis building

If you’re looking for “get rich quick” ideas, look elsewhere.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to intermediate traders interested in or actively trading crypto futures

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