AI900/AZ900 Microsoft Azure Practice Test


This AI900 is an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of common ML and AI workloads and how to implement them on Azure.

This exam (AI900) is intended for candidates with both technical and non-technical backgrounds. Data science and software engineering experience are not required; however, some general programming knowledge or experience would be beneficial.

Azure AI Fundamentals can be used to prepare for other Azure role-based certifications like Azure Data Scientist Associate or Azure AI Engineer Associate,

The exam(AZ900) is intended for candidates who are just beginning to work with cloud-based solutions and services or are new to Azure.

Azure Fundamentals(AZ900) exam is an opportunity to prove knowledge of cloud concepts, Azure services, Azure workloads, security and privacy in Azure, as well as Azure pricing and support. Candidates should be familiar with the general technology concepts, including concepts of networking, storage, compute, application support, and application development.

This course contain 6 practice test and 3 test each for Azure AI Fundamentals(AI900) and 3 for Azure Fundamentals(AZ900) each of the test has its difficulty level defined which are as follows

  • simple
  • moderate
  • difficult

Each Practice set contains

  • Random questions based on category weightage
  • Actual exam questions and its type
  • questions from all categories
  • A detailed explanation of each correct answer
  • Reference diagrams to explain the topic
  • Reference links for further studies

Note-If you have not yet started studying for exam, try from starting simple practice test where I have added Microsoft Learn document link and have added basic questions which will give you brief knowledge about each category and important concepts and you can target this exam in weekend with practice and learn methodology. 

In This way you can clear both the exams in 2 days and I guarantee you that you will pass with good marks.

Happy Learning!!! 

Who this course is for:

  • For Those who are about to take the exam and want a preview of how the questions are being asked in the Real Exam
  • Azure AI 900 can be used to prepare for other Azure role-based certifications like DP100(Azure Data Scientist Associate) or AI102(Azure AI Engineer Associate)
  • For any one who want to change his technology and move to Machine learning or Artificial Intelligence
  • Azure Fundamentals can be used to prepare for other Azure role-based or specialty certifications, but it is not a prerequisite for any of them.

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