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** 7+ hours of Comprehensive COMPLETE Agile Scrum Project Management Course! This course will take you, whether you are a novice or more experienced professional, from understanding Agile Scrum Project Management (Agile Project Management) to putting it in action and independent of your industry, be it software, engineering, architecture, marketing, or any other! **

Arguably, a complete course on Agile Project Management with Scrum (Agile Scrum Project Management)!

ALERT: if you like lots of theory, memorization, and hard to understand “bla bla bla”, beware! This course is extremely simple and practical, in which you will understand everything easily, receive ready-to-use models to apply to your projects, and simulate managing a project with Scrum – the most used agile method in the industry – from start to end using an online project management tool (Proj4me).

### Agile Scrum Project Management / Agile Project Management: “The art of doing twice the work in half of the time”.

You won’t only dominate the most popular Agile framework for delivering Products (Agile Project Management), Scrum, but also all the skills you need to be a successful Agile (Scrum) manager recognized and capable of conquering great opportunities in the labor market.

This course is extremely innovative, practical and 100% online, which will teach you step-by-step how to professionally and successfully plan and manage projects using the best agile framework: Scrum (Agile Scrum).

Further, this course is the only one that goes beyond the technicalities of managing agile projects and offers, for free, extra courses for your complementary formation in interpersonal habilities that will potentialize your results (read more below).

This course is at a higher level when comparing to others, which are superficial, theoretical, and made only for people that are only seeking one more certification), that we find online. Conversely, this course focuses on applying agile techniques to solve the main issues faced by companies, teaching step-by-step how to plan and manage projects with precision, increase productivity, reduce costs, eliminate overtime work, increase customer satisfaction, and as a natural result, increase business profits.

Instead of going on the easy track of focusing only on certifications, instead of posing with a Scrum certification, this course teaches you how to apply Scrum for real, in your workplace, in your life. However, it also gets you ready to pass the Professional Scrum Master I certification.

Instead of selling Scrum and Agile as the silver bullet for Project Management (SPOILER: it is not!), and sell ourselves as “agile gurus” or something similar, we teach you how to use Scrum to solve complex problems, but we give you the necessary context to understand when, why and how to use it.

This course is a result of years of applying Agile and Scrum (Agile Scrum) in companies from the most diverse areas that have similar issues that can, easily, be solved by applying Agile Management (Agile Project Management and Agile Product Management) techniques, even if you know nothing today!

—> “What drove me to be recognized and international consulting and what I apply in big projects are EXACTLY the same project management techniques and knowledge that you will learn in this course. This course was prepared to change your life. If you really apply yourself, NO DOUBTS, there is no way that you will have a result different than professional success.

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