After effects Cc 2021 – Mask & VFX Rotoscoping & Rotobrush

Short Description

A comprehensive guide to Create Professional VFX Rotoscoping and Masking and Generate post production Visual effects.


*** This Description is foAfter Effects CC 2021 – VFX Compositing and Visual Effects course, which is the complete version of this course.***

These tutorials are for the one who are really interested to be way further in their professional world compare to others, If you are the one who would like to have some unique and special videos, you should know that, you’re looking at the right course!

Learn how to use different methods and techniques to have the newest VFX composition and Visual effects for any kind of videos, This is the skill which will help you to nominate and separate your work from the others and always be a winner in this field.

We have chosen a project based tutorial to show you what these Visual effects will give you in a real projects. In each course I talked about even simplest tricks and tips that might be useful for you. I spend a lot of time to have an investigation through all the available tutorials and try to coves all the missing points in them. I also focused on all the useful shortcuts and explained them to you one by one as I like to show you the tips of how to present yourself as an advance professional expertise.

SO what are you waiting for? This is all that you need . I am here to support you. Any kind of questions would be answered as my goal is to help you on your way toward your goals.


  • This course is for everyone, for the beginner to the advanced people. The one who is just interested in VFX compositing and visual effects, and the one who takes it as their career.
  • Novice who want to expand their skills in Visual Effects in After Effects.
  • Intermediate Users who want to polish their skills and Learn more about Visual Effects.
  • Video Editors looking to implement Visual Effects in their videos.
  • freelancers or Entrepreneurs, personal or commercial video makers, YouTube, Vimeo & Facebook Publishers and also home made movies.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Intermediate

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