Advanced English Grammar Tests (For ALL Exams: TOEFL IELTS)

This course offers 628 intermediate to advanced level English grammar questions within 6 Practice Tests, all prepared by professional exam developer and item writer, Ulku Kucukakin. Also, all the questions have academic vocabulary items that you will need in your language exams. Come and experience the quality of the questions yourself!


Sample Question #1: (Tenses)

1.  The success story of Beetles cars —- in 1947, and by 1972, the total number of Beetles cars in the market —- 15 million.

A) was starting / is going to reach

B) had started / had been reaching

C) would start / reach

D) started / had reached

E)  was going to start / was reaching


Sample Question #2: (Gerunds& Infinitives / Modal Verbs)

2. Young poets prefer —- in literary magazines instead of publishing their own books since they —- a name for themselves in literary circles this way.

A) being published / will have made

B) publishing / should make

C) to have published / make

D) to be published / can make

E) having published / are made


Sample Question #3: (Gerunds & Infinitives)

3. The pattern —- in winter has developed to allow Emperor penguins —- to independence at a time when food is most plentiful.

A) of breeding / grow

B) breeding / to be grown

C) to breed / to grow

D) in breeding / grown

E) to have bred / growing


Sample Question #4: (If Clauses)

4. If we —- back in time to the American Civil War, a very different landscape —- visible.

A) travel / will be

B) could travel / would be

C) can travel / is

D) had travelled / would have been

E) travelled / could have been


Sample Question #5: (Noun Clauses)

5. The traveler was amazed by —- there was a beautiful parrot in a golden cage in the caravanserai, continually repeating “Freedom!”

A) whether

B) that

C) where

D) why

E) the fact that


Sample Question #6: (Linkers)

6. In the old days, potatoes, carrots, and turnips were very popular among people, —- they could be stored all winter before the invention of refrigerators.

A) whereas

B) no matter

C) whenever

D) for

E) in contrast

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