A complete course on IBM certified Quantum Developer Exam

Quantum computing is a vast field. The foundational stone for this field was laid in early 20th century. With great scientists like Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Feynmann quantum field started celebrating its anniversary. It’s as fascinating, intriguing as it sounds but the reality was already mentioned by Feynmann as “Nobody actually understand quantum mechanics”, what we know is only a part which universe wanted us to know. Many things are yet to be discovered.

Currently, we can safely say that quantum can divided into three major categories. I will try fitting every subfields as best as possible.

Quantum Hardware  (Experimental): Nano photonics, Semiconductor qubits, Superconducting qubits,    Quantum sensors and metrology , Qubits in photons and atoms, Micro and nano fabrication.

Quantum Software: Quantum Algorithm research. Quantum Machine learning, Quantum AI.

Quantum Theory : Group theory, Ring theory, Category theory, Operators, Quantum mechanics, Quantum Information theory.


Every topic mentioned above is a research field in itself and tech giants like IBM, Google, Microsoft has invested in million dollars into this research. As a first step, IBM has launched a Qiskit Advocate program a few years back. In that, we need to mandatorily clear IBM certified Quantum developer exam as part of the program.


The main goal of my course is to make you understand the nuances of the exam. Prepare in a strategic way. The syllabus though test only the fundamental knowledge, as year increases, the complexity of exam also increases. Most part of the questions you can clear only by having in depth understanding. For example. in my course, I have briefly explained about Eulers theorem which has a major role in understanding the mathematics behind matrices formation.


I have also given sectional tests to at tune your knowledge level according to exam perspective. You should also do self-study. Buying this course and only following the lectures, materials, tests alone may not be recommended. All these adds value to your self study and religious preparation from your side. But I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed taking my course.


Thank you so much!! Will meet you on the other side of the course. My best wishes to everyone for their successful quantum journey.

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